Have you ever started coughing after spraying a cleaning chemical in your home? Or has your skin ever been irritated when touching a chemical? These things, along with the desire to contribute to a healthier environment, have prompted many people to switch to cleaning with natural products. Why not think about it?

Natural cleaning products are easy to find in stores and online. Look for ones that say they are eco-friendly. This means they were not tested on animals, and the way they were made and what happens when you dispose of them, is better for the earth. Most likely you will enjoy the smells of products with more natural ingredients much more than strong chemical products. 

If you prefer to make your own products, there are many videos online about how to do so using ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils. And you will find that cleaning with natural products is effective. They usually do as good of a job as chemicals. The lungs and skin of your family and pets will be grateful for the switch. 

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