Your parents cared for you when you were growing up, but now they might need you to care for them instead. Caring for aging parents can be a very difficult thing to do emotionally, but there is also a possibility that your home isn’t a safe place for them to live. Of course, it all depends on how your parent’s physical and mental abilities are, but you might need to think about preparing your home for their care.

So, what might be a danger for an older person in your home? If you have stairs, a fall down them could prove very dangerous. If it isn’t safe for your parent to walk down a flight of stairs on their own, you might want to consider getting a door installed.

Another possible danger is the bathroom. You should have hand-rails installed that they can use to get up and secure themselves, both near the toilet and in the shower. Non-slip mats can be helpful as well, but only if they are flush against the floor, otherwise they could turn into a trip hazard.

There are many more things to take into consideration, so make sure your home is a safe place for your parents before you move them in.

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