Cleaning away dust is important. Not only will your furniture look better, you will feel better, as dust can intensify allergies.

Cleaning from top to bottom is most effective. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures and tops of tall furniture. Also, wipe down your walls periodically. Then dust lower items such as furniture and edges.

If you are using a duster, choose one that will collect the dust, not just push it around and into the air. Microfiber dusters are often recommended, as the dust clings well to the fibers. You can also take a slightly damp microfiber cloth and go over the surfaces of furniture to collect all the dust.

Make sure to vacuum after you dust. Vacuum your sofa and cushions (don’t forget to get under the cushions). If you can, vacuum under the sofa and other furniture as well. Follow this up by mopping hard floor surfaces.

Clean your cleaning tools! Wipe down your vacuum, and wash your cleaning cloths. If you use microfiber cloths, you can machine wash them, but make sure to dry them on low or no heat, as to not destroy the fibers.

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