New Construction Inspections


New Construction Inspections, also known as Phase Inspections, play a pivotal role in ensuring that every stage of the building process adheres to stringent standards. Our comprehensive inspections, conducted by seasoned professionals, are designed to identify potential issues, verify compliance with regulations, and provide peace of mind to both builders and homeowners. With a focus on diligence and precision, our inspections encompass three critical phases: Pre-Pour Inspection, Pre-Drywall Inspection, and Final Inspection.

1. Pre-Pour Inspection:

Before the concrete is poured, the Pre-Pour Inspection is carried out to scrutinize the foundation and structural elements. This phase ensures that all essential components, such as footings, reinforcement, and forms, are in place and aligned correctly. Our inspectors meticulously examine the site to confirm that the groundwork meets engineering specifications and local building codes. Identifying any discrepancies at this stage helps prevent potential issues from compounding throughout the construction process, saving time and resources in the long run.

2. Pre-Drywall Inspection:

The Pre-Drywall Inspection occurs once the framing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems are in place but before the drywall is installed. This crucial phase allows our inspectors to assess the structural framework and internal systems. We meticulously check for proper installation, potential leaks, electrical wiring accuracy, and adherence to safety codes. Detecting issues concealed by drywall at this stage enables corrections before they become inaccessible, ensuring that the construction progresses smoothly while maintaining quality and safety standards.

3. Final Inspection:

The Final Inspection marks the conclusion of the construction process. Our inspectors conduct a comprehensive examination of the entire property, inside and out, to verify that all aspects meet regulatory requirements and industry standards. This includes a thorough assessment of structural integrity, safety compliance, functionality of systems, and finishing details. Any deficiencies or areas requiring attention are documented and communicated to ensure that the property is delivered to the client in optimal condition, meeting or surpassing expectations.

Each phase of these New Construction Inspections is vital in maintaining the structural integrity, safety, and quality of the building project. Our commitment to thoroughness and expertise ensures that every inspection is executed with precision, providing our clients with confidence in the construction process and the final product.

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Home Inspection Disclosure

Our team of inspectors are employed by Residential Improvement Services, LLC, a construction company specializing in residential contracting and repairs. Pursuant to section 535.220(e) (6) of the Texas Administration Code, “[The] inspector shall not accept employment to repair, replace, maintain or upgrade systems or components of [a] property covered by the Standards of Practice under this sub-chapter on which the inspector has performed an inspection under a real estate contract, lease, or exchange of real property within 12 months of the date of the inspection.” This is to ensure that the inspection performed on the date listed above is not confused as a “hard sale” of any products or services but is instead an education on the condition of the property at a period in time.

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