Pre-listing Inspections

Why a Pre-Listing Home Inspection? Sure your home was in great shape when you built it. Or was it? Why take the risk of selling your home and then having a buyer’s home inspector find countless issues that will cost you thousands off the price and maybe even cost you the sale? For a small fraction of the overall sale, why not have the peace of mind that your home is in good condition?


  1. The report can help substantiate a higher price if problems don’t exist or have been corrected.
  2. The report can be used as a marketing tool by elevating your home above the other properties in a competitive sellers’ market.
  3. The report provides you with full disclosure protection from future legal terms.
  4. The report will enable you to make repairs and shop for competitive contractors at your leisure.
  5. Reduces the chance of overinflated buyer procured estimates from any future negotiations.
  6. A seller inspection lightens discussions and eliminates the possibility of 11th-hour renegotiations.
  7. The deal is less likely to fall apart when a buyer’s inspection reveals a serious issue found at the last minute.
  8. And finally, the report is the ultimate gesture in forthrightness on your part.

At Home Run Inspection Specialists, we will perform a three-hour comprehensive inspection; provide you with a professional, bounded copy of the report to put on the counter for potential buyers; and best of all, we put a pre-inspected sign in the front yard for all to see!

*Home Run Inspection Specialists will re-evaluate any items of concern that have been repaired or replaced within 6 months of the original inspection. We will also document that repair or replacement in the inspection report free of charge.

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Home Inspection Disclosure

Our team of inspectors are employed by Home Run Home & Commercial Services, LLC – d.b.a. Home Run Inspection Specialists, a construction company specializing in residential contracting and repairs. Pursuant to section 535.220(e) (6) of the Texas Administration Code, “[The] inspector shall not accept employment to repair, replace, maintain or upgrade systems or components of [a] property covered by the Standards of Practice under this sub-chapter on which the inspector has performed an inspection under a real estate contract, lease, or exchange of real property within 12 months of the date of the inspection.” This is to ensure that the inspection performed on the date listed above is not confused as a “hard sale” of any products or services but is instead an education on the condition of the property at a period in time.

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