Do you have carpet in your bathroom? Many would view that as a bad idea, and there are many facts that back it up.

One of your common problems in bathrooms is water damage. A carpet will retain water and creates an environment that encourages mold growth and wood rot.

Another problem is germs. Keeping your bathroom floor clean under normal circumstances is difficult, and if you add a carpet in the mix, you might find yourself in a losing fight.

If you really feel like carpet is the way you want to go, you will need to be extra diligent with cleaning. A steam cleaning should be regularly on the schedule, and you don’t ever want to leave anything wet on the floor unnecessarily. Find somewhere to hang it instead to get it off the carpet.

It is also essential to have good ventilation, since that will lower the risk of mold growth, but overall, you would be much better off ripping that carpet out as soon as possible.

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