Having a deck or porch on your home can add tremendous value to the property. Few people can deny the appeal of a wraparound porch or a beautiful deck that’s simply built for entertaining and enjoying the natural surroundings. If you’re building or renovating a home and are considering the addition of a deck, what are some things you might keep in mind?

To be sure, there are plenty of considerations. One, though, that we’d like you to focus on, is the need for proper structural support for your deck. Especially if you are building the deck yourself, it can be all too easy to consider only the structural needs of the deck itself. However, the average deck is simply a platform for plenty of other heavy objects. For example, while you may know the calculated weight of all the materials of your deck, have you taken into consideration the weight of a dozen friends and family members, or the weight of a fully-filled hot tub?

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Buying a Home in The Greater Austin Area?

If you are buying a home in Austin, Round Rock, or the surrounding areas, then there is some very important information you should know first.

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