Living in an area with hard water, you might be experiencing calcium buildup on your faucets and showerheads.

This is something that can get very ugly, and on top of that, it can impede water flow. The best thing to do is to tackle the problem at its source by getting your water softened, but if you aren’t ready to spend money on fixing the problem, there is an easy way to clean off this buildup.

The calcium buildup can get quite hard, so to prevent damage to your faucets and to make the job easier, your best solution is to soak a towel in a vinegar mixture and then wrap that around the faucet. This will soften up the calcium to the point where you will be able to clean it off fairly easily. Don’t exert too much force removing the calcium, instead you might need to apply a fresh vinegar-soaked towel to the faucet for a while to take off the next layer.

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