Have you ever noticed that there is a dial on your water heater that will let you set the temperature the water is kept at? Usually it ranges from 120-160, and some homeowners that like their hot showers will crank it all the way up.

This is not a good idea. Why? Well, for one thing, water at that temperature could scald your skin in just a few minutes. Even though there are some safeguards in place to prevent this, you shouldn’t rely fully on that to save your skin, literally speaking.

There is also the issue with the cost of running your water heater. Since the water heater keeps the water at a constant temperature, setting it that high is going to cost you a lot more than leaving it at the standard 120.

Of course, the option is there for a reason. In some homes, there is quite a distance for the water to travel before it makes it to the faucet. In that case, it could be that it cools off significantly before it reaches its destination.

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