Having a dog brings a lot of joy, but it also is a big responsibility. You are responsible for the safety of your furry friend and for other people or animals that it encounters. If you choose to let your dog run off leash in your yard, the type of fencing you use must be carefully considered.

Many dog owners opt for invisible electric fences. While they are aesthetically pleasing, these fences have some drawbacks. Contrary to what some people think, a dog can run past the fence line. They will get shocked, but they might want to get to that person, dog, or squirrel on the other side enough to endure it. Also, an invisible fence does not prevent any animal from coming onto your property and getting to your dog. So it does not offer protection in that way. 

Physical fences such as those made from wood, metal, or vinyl might be better options. They can prevent your dog from running off your property and prevent intruders. Be sure that the fence is high enough so your dog can’t jump over it. And check for spots where your dog might dig holes to get underneath. Make sure the fence locks securely. 

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