Many homeowners with a septic system have no idea where it is located. This is, however, important information for you to have, since you want to make sure that you don’t inadvertently damage the system. For example, you should make sure that no water is drained out on top of the drainfield. You might have a sump pump pumping out water from your basement, as well as gutters that funnel water away from your roof. The water coming from such sources should be directed to a different location, so as to not hamper the functionality of the drainfield. It could even lead to your plumbing backing up and depositing waste water into your home.

You also want to keep trees and shrubs away from the area of your septic system since their roots can tunnel in and do damage to the system.

Don’t ever park a car or any other type of vehicle on top of your septic system since the pressure could actually do damage to it.

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