Have you ever considered installing engineered wood flooring in your home? It is an excellent material if you like the look of wood floor, but want it to be uniform between rooms. Engineered wood flooring is made by covering high quality plywood with a thin slice of hardwood on top. What are some pros and cons of engineered wood flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring can chip and lose its surface area. Since the top layer is very thin, you can only sand it a couple of times before you go too deep, unlike solid wood floors which you can sand over and over again and still keep it looking the same.

Installation of engineered hardwood flooring has many more options than regular wood floors do. Solid wood flooring needs to be stapled or nailed down, while engineered wood flooring can be installed in any number of ways.

Engineered wood flooring can also handle moisture much better than regular wood floors do, and it will keep its shape longer.

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