Is it time for you to replace your kitchen countertops? Or are you building a new home and thinking about what style you would like in the kitchen? 

Perhaps you have been considering a popular choice, concrete countertops.  Let’s discuss the pros and cons of them.

Concrete countertops are durable. If properly sealed and maintained, they can last you a lifetime. They are pretty easy to maintain and clean. They are versatile and can be stained in different colors. Stones or pieces of glass can be embedded into the concrete for a unique look.

At the same time, consider some potential drawbacks. Concrete countertops are not cheap. They are still susceptible to chipping and cracking. They are also porous, so if not properly sealed, they are susceptible to staining and bacterial growth.

Do use a cutting board to cut food on instead of cutting right on the countertops. As tempting as that could be, they will scratch. Use non-abrasive cleaning tools and neutral cleaners. Regularly reseal your countertops with a concrete sealer. If you spill anything acidic like coffee, vinegar, wine, or citrus juices on the countertops, clean it up immediately. Acidic juices can eat through the sealer and leave stains.

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