While we probably all have smoke detectors in our home, there is another early warning system that not all homeowners have installed. What is that? It is a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector.

Carbon monoxide can be very deadly. This gas does not have an odor or color of its own, so without a detector, you probably won’t even know that it is there. Since the gas can cause dizziness, fatigue, and nausea in just a few minutes, it might be difficult to get out of harm’s way quickly enough.

Carbon monoxide is created when fuels burn with insufficient oxygen, so if you have any gas or wood-burning stoves or appliances in your home, you definitely need to install a carbon monoxide detector nearby. During the colder months of the year, some homeowners will use heaters indoors that are really only meant for outdoor use. This is very unsafe and should be avoided at any cost.

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If you are buying a home in Austin, Round Rock, or the surrounding areas, then there is some very important information you should know first.

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