Have you ever flushed something down the toilet only to wonder if it was going to clog it up? If it was anything besides what it was designed for, the answer is likely yes. Here are a few things that are commonly flushed that should never be.

Diapers might seem like they belong in a toilet, but they probably won’t make it very far down the pipe.

Cooking grease will coagulate as soon as it cools down, which will be quick when it hits the water.

Dental floss might seem small and flexible, but it can easily get tangled up and cause a clog.

Q-tips don’t travel well through the bends of the pipe and will get stuck.

Most types of cat litter is designed to be clumping, so once it gets wet, it will create clogs.

Wet wipes that are labeled flushable really aren’t.

Before you decide to flush something down the toilet, take a minute to consider whether it is worth the expense of cleaning a clogged pipe.

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