Inside your home, water can do a lot of damage if it is in the wrong place, but keeping this from happening is a fight on many fronts. Cracks in your roof or through your walls could let water in, or you could have a pipe that has pitted corrosion, allowing water to slowly escape inside your walls, or it could be condensation collecting somewhere. Whatever the cause, it can lead to mold growth, rot and other types of water damage. The problem with water is that it can travel long distances if it finds a surface on which to run, so the spot where you find the water  might very well be far away from the entry point. It could be necessary to backtrack along the path of the water to find the source and fix it. Many times, you might be able to spot a discoloration or damp spot where the water ends up. Unfortunately, you will most likely need to remove the drywall where the spot appears to be able to figure out where to go from there. It is, however, good to deal with the problem as quickly as possible, since it most likely will only get worse over time.

Buying a Home in The Greater Austin Area?

If you are buying a home in Austin, Round Rock, or the surrounding areas, then there is some very important information you should know first.

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