When people order a home inspection, one thing that they might not think about is their garage. While it is true that your garage is a lot less complicated than your home, there are many things that could go wrong with a garage that can prove quite costly.

A fire started in your garage could spread to your home and then lead to extensive damage, possibly even bodily harm. If there is electricity in your garage, you should make sure that it is up to code. Often installs in garages are done long after the house was built, and not always by a professional electrician.

Automated garage doors can be a great convenience, but they could also prove to be a hazard if they aren’t installed correctly. This means that a garage door that is loose could fall off the track and damage your vehicle, and if the sensors aren’t set up correctly, the door could close on you and harm you.

A common issue in garages is a rodent infestation. It might be difficult to fight this, but using pesticides and traps might be enough to discourage them from getting in.

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